Male,African aged 56 collector/ Dealer in African Banknotes.Will sell you the current Uganda Banknotes in circulation 1000shs, 5000shs, 10,000shs, 20,000shs and 50,000shs all in UNC condition.

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Former President Idi Amin of Uganda's Portrait on 1979 Souvenir sheet Commemorating 25th... 1979 Uganda
50,000 Shs Note Uganda. 2003 Uganda
20,000 shs Note Uganda. 2005 Uganda
10,000 shs Note Uganda. 2005 Uganda
5000 shs Note Uganda. Blue. 2005 Uganda
1000 shs Uganda Note Green. 2005 Uganda
1000 shs Uganda Note Green. 2005 Uganda
Rwanda 1000francs note. 2004 Rwanda
Uganda 10shs note Green. 1982 Uganda
500shs Uganda note 1982 Uganda
Rwanda 100 Francs note. 2004 Rwanda
Uganda 100 shs note Purple 1982 Uganda
1966 20shs note 1st issue Uganda. 1966 Uganda
One of 4 Uganda notes of the 1st Issue 1966 Uganda 10 shs Note. 1966 Uganda
Uganda 20shs note Purple. 1982 Uganda