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£1 Brown/Purple/Olive 9/7/1986 Sultan Quayet Bey Mosque Facade of Abu Simbel Temple flamked... 1986 Egypt
£10 Brown/Green/Blue View of the interior of the Mosque of Al-Rifai Statue du Roi Chephren... 1979 Egypt
Central African States Banque des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale 500 Francs Multi Lady in... 2002 Congo
100 Francs Blue/Green Elephant Hydro electric dam Security thread Wtmrk Okapi 2000 Congo
50 Francs Purple/Orange Native in headdress & nask Village scene Security thread Wtmrk Okapi 2000 Congo
Republic Popular 500 Francs Multi Carving & jug Man carving mask Security thread Wtmrk... 1990 Congo
1000 Francs Multi Coffee plant, cows & coat of arms A Prison Security thread Wtmrk Prince... 2006 Burundi
1000 Francs Pink/Orange/Brown/Blue Mask, globe, book & blackboard Camels with mountains in... 2006 Burkina Faso
$1 Red/Blue/Cream Governer M Duberan Scarlet Ibis & coat of arms Oil refinery Security... 2002 Trinidad and Tobago
Currency reform 1 Dollar Green Building with tower & flag Value Security thread 2004 Suriname
$50 Purple/Green Samuel Sharp & coat of arms/flowers Doctors cave beach Security thread... 2003 Jamaica
$2 Brown/Green/Pink Governer R. Rainsford Paul Bogle, Red-billed streamertail (Doctor Bird) &... 1993 Jamaica
$5 Brown/Green Governer G. Arthur Brown Norman Manley & banana tree above coat of arms Old... 1991 Jamaica
$1 Purple/Green/Blue Governer G. Arthur Brown Sir Alexander Bustamante & Blue Mahoe (Hibiscus... 1990 Jamaica
2 Gourdes Blue Hilltop Castle Value & coat of arms Wtrmrk USBC 1990 Haiti
1 Gourde Brown Pres. Dr. Francois Duvalier Value & coat of arms T de la Rue 1979 Haiti
2 Gourdes Blue Pres. Dr. Francois Duvalier Value & coat of arms Wtrmrk ABNC 1973 Haiti
5 Quetzales Purple/Blue/Red/Green Quetzal bird & General Justo Rufino Barrios Classroom scene 2006 Guatemala
10 Quetzales Purple/Blue/Yellow/Green Quetzal bird & General Miguel Garcia Grandos National... 2003 Guatemala
5 Pesos Black/Green/Pink Gypsy woman Statue of Victory and orange seals 1963 Mexico