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Orange on multicolour underprint 1963 Suriname
This is a new note. 2006 Sierra Leone
P140c 1,000,000 Adopengo 1946 Hungary
P61 50 Dirham 1987 Morocco
Dark brown, light blue and pale orange on multicolour underprint. Statue of David from Sasoun at... 1993 Armenia
Black and ddep purple on multicolour underprint. Karen Blixen at right and as watermrk. Centaur... 0 Denmark
Blue-black on multicolour underprint. Arms at upper lrft. Springbok at right on back. 1993 Namibia
1993 Croatia
1979 Ghana
2007 Venezuela
P67 1/4 Dinar 1979 Iraq
Deep purple and violet on multicolour underprint. Chinze at right center. Elaborate barge on back. 1996 Myanmar
Red and purple on multicolour underprint. Angkor Wat temple at center. Bridge spanning Mekong... 20022004 Cambodia
Like # 50 but with orienation bands in upper and lower margins. Black, red and blue on... 2005 Australia
2004 Lebanon
2006 Mozambique
1949 Philippines
2007 Venezuela
Brown on pink and multicolour underprint. Kremlin gate at center on back. 1993 Russia
1961 Russia