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Black on red and multicolour underprint. Alexander Tamanyan and city plan. House of the... 1999 Armenia
Purple and violet on multicolour underprint. Arms with Melanesian chief standing with spear at... 1995 Vanuatu
East Germany Brown on multicolour underprint. Clara Zetkin at right. Woman at radio station on... 1971 Germany
Dark brown and brown on multicolour underpront. Okapi's head at left. Family of Okapis at left... 1997 Congo
Dark blue and green on multicolour underprint. Chinze at right, his head as watermark. Elephant... 19982004 Myanmar
Drak brown on multicolour underprint. New portrait of at right. Marble Fountain in Topkapi in... 1976 Turkey
Brown, purple, and deep olive-green on mulitcolour underprint. Sultan Qait Bey mosque at left... 1978 Egypt
Blue-green and dark green on multicolour underprint. National Parliament House in Ankara at left... 1989 Turkey
Orange-brown on multicolour underprint. Back dull brown on pale green underprint, mausoleum of... 1966 Turkey
Greenish black and brown-violet on multicolour underprint. Cattle at left, arms at lower center... 2000 Burundi
Purple and blue on multicolour underprint. Stylized facing peacocks at left. Drubja Narodov... 1994 Uzbekistan
Deep olie-green on multicolour underprint. A. Hansen-Tammsaare at left ecnter, wilderness in... 1992 Estonia
Latent image BCRA on face. Liberty (Progres) w/torch and shield seated at left center on back.... 1986 Argentina
Grayish purple on multicolour underprint. Manavgat waterfall in Antalya at left center on back. 1968 Turkey
Like #103 109 With additional secruity features. Purple and red on multicolour underprint.... 2001 Sri Lanka
Brown and brown-orange on multicolour underprint. Mt. Everest at left. Sir Edmund Hillary at... 1999 New Zealand
Isle of Jersey 2004 Commemorative Issue 800th Anniversary of the special relationship... 2004 Unknown
Green and black on tan underprint. Petar II Petrovic Njegos, Prince-Bishop of Montenegro at left.... 2000 Serbia
Red and purple on multicolour underprint. Back orange on multicolour underprint. Hindu Wheel of... 0 India
Like #54 Purple, black and roange on multicolour underprint. Caracas removed under bank anme.... 1992 Venezuela
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