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Green and violet on multicolour underprint. Princess Isabel at center. Back brown and green; Two... 19811984 Brazil
Deep blue-green, dark olive-brown on multicolour underprint. Ignacio pinto at right and as... 19782005 Chile
Red-brown and multicolour. Woman waering hat at left, aerial view of modern buildings at center.... 19781983 Cameroon
Brownon multicolour underprint. Like #299. Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires at center on back SERIE... 19761983 Argentina
Green and black on multicolour underprint. Girl with vessel on head at left. Rice paddy scene on... 19731975 Cambodia
Dark green and blue with medallic. Liberty head in green. Series # prefix B. 19721980 Brazil
Purple on multicolour underprint. Arms at left. Oil refinery on back. A) Without inscription.... 19711972 Libya
Dark brownon green, brown and orange underprint. Back simualr to #2. 19681969 Biafra
Violet on multicolour underprint. Redesign note, serial # at left. Coin with various dates on date. 19661980 India
Purple. Portrait young General Jose de San Martin in uniform at right. Sailing ship on back.... 19661969 Argentina
Balck on multicolour underprint. Portrait J. P. Duarte at center with eyes looking left, white... 19641973 Dominican Republic
Red. Portrait Arturo Prat at left. 3 signature varieties. Series C-K. Signature titles:... 19601961 Chile
Brown and green on multicolour underprint. Statue of Lokecvara at left. Long boat. Watermark:... 19571975 Cambodia
Grayish green on multicolour underprint. Boats dockside in port of Phnom-Penh. Royal Palace... 19561975 Cambodia
Blue and orange. Fishermen fishing from boats with large nets in Lake Tonle Sap at left and... 19561975 Cambodia
Blue on light blue underprint. Two oxen ar right. Three ceremonial women. 19561972 Cambodia
2008 Nepal
2008 Nepal
2008 Nepal
2007 Brunei
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