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Brown, gray and grren on multicolour underprint. Francisco Jose de Caldas with globe on right.... 1977 Colombia
Purple on multivcolour underprint. Policarpa Salavarietta at left. Back brown; El Dorado from the... 1977 Colombia
Purple on pale blue, lilac, and pink underprint. Similar to #1414. Without watermark. Printer:IBB. 1986 Colombia
Violet, brown, orange, and deark red on multicolour underprint. General Antonio Narino at left... 1991 Colombia
Like #417, 419 butprinter: IBB. 1982 Colombia
Deep green and black on multicolour underprint. Like #428. 1991 Colombia
Purple on multicolour underprint. Suku mask at left Zande Harp at center right on back. Printer G&D. 1997 Congo
Green and multiclolour. Men fishing with stick nets at left on back. Simular to #28. Signature 7. 1988 Congo
Light brown on pink and multicolout underprint. Signature 9. 1993 Congo
Black on pale violet and blue-green underprint. Signature 9. 1993 Congo
Dary grey and ark-blue-green on multicolour underprint. Back like #31. Signature9. 1993 Congo
Brown-orange on light green and multicolour underprint. Chieftain at left, me fishing with stick... 1993 Congo
Deep green, blue and black on multicolour underprint. Fishing canoe and statue of the god of... 1987 Cook Islands
Deep green and lilac on multicolour underprint. Rafael Yglesias Castro at left, flowers at right.... 1989 Costa Rica
Bark blue on multicolour underprint. University building at left. Rodrigo Facio Brenes at right.... 1977 Costa Rica
Black on multicolour underprint. Ricardo Jimenez O. at left. Series E. Printer: TDLR. 1986 Costa Rica
Olive-green on multicolour underprint. Simular to #251, 253. seriesE. Without security thread.... 1993 Costa Rica
Dull orange-brown on multicolour underprint. 4.5 mm serial #. Watermark: Lozenges. 1991 Croatia
Pale purple on multicolour underprint. 4.5 mmserial #. Watermark: Lozenges. 1991 Croatia
Dull purple on multicolour underprint. Buff paper with 2.8mm serial #. Watermark 5's in crossed... 1991 Croatia
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