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ROMANIA 2000Lei 1999 (POLYMER) 1999 Romania
YEMEN 100Rials (ND) 1998 Yemen
BURMA(Old name of Myanmar)(JapanGovernment)(10Rupee) 1942 Myanmar
BURMA(Old name ofMYANMAR)(JapanGovernment)1942 (5Rupee) 1942 Myanmar
25Dinar Saddam Hosein 1986 Iraq
25Dinar 3horses 1982 Iraq
500000Rials Currency IRAN CHEQUE(Date:2-6-1389) 2010 Iran
50000Rials (Front:Ayatollah Khomeini)(Back:Nuclear symbol) 2007 Iran
20000Rials(Front:Ayatollah Khomeini)(Back square in Isfahan) 2006 Iran
10000Rials (Front:Ayatollah Khomeini)(Back:Mount Damavand) 1992 Iran
5000Rials(Front:Ayatollah Khomeini)(Back:Flowers&Birds) 1993 Iran
2000Rials(Front:Ayatollah Khomeini)(Back:Kaba in Mecca) 2005 Iran
2000Rials(Back:Kaba in Mecca)(Front:people) 1986 Iran
1000Rials(Front:Ayatollah Khomeini)(Back:Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem) 1992 Iran
500Rials (Front: (Seminary)(Back:Tehran University) 1982 Iran
200Rials(Front:mosque)(Back:farmers) 1982 Iran
(FrontAyatollah Modaress)(Back:Parlimanet) 1985 Iran
100Rials (Obverse:Imam Reza Mosque at Mashhad)) (Reverse:Charbagh) 1982 Iran
20Rials (Obverse:Mohammad Reza Shah)(Reverse:Dam) 1974 Iran
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