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10 Baht O: King Rama IX R: King Chulalongkom on a horseback Size: 132mmx69mm 1980 Thailand
100 Customs Gold Units of China People's Republic Obverse: Sun Yat-Sen Reverse: Bank Building... 1930 China
1 Peso Issued by Mindanao Emergency Currency Board Under the Commonwealth of the Philippines 1943 1943 Philippines
100 Kyats O:Mythical Animal Chinthe Chinze (Lion) R: Workers Restoring Temple Size: 147 x 70mm 1994 Myanmar
10 Pesos Issued by Bohol Emergency Currency Board for Bohol City Philippines under the... 1942 Philippines
10,000 Bilion-Pengo O: Portrait of a Woman R: Value Size: 170mm x 82mm 1946 Hungary
1 Peso Issued by Mindanao Emergency Currency Board under the Commonwealth of the Philippines in... 1944 Philippines
10 Pesos Obverse: PNB Seal at right, Issuer at Left Reverse: Philippine National Bank & Date... 1941 Philippines
Mindanao Emergency Currency, 1 Peso, O: Commonwealth of the Philippines & USA Seal R: Notice 1943 Philippines
1 Dollar O: Coat of Arms w/a Kangaroo & emul H.M. Queen Elizabeth II R: Aboriginal Art - Cave... 1966 Australia
2 Rupees O: Earth R: Space Craft 1976 India
2 Pesos Issued by Negros Occidental Currency Committee of the Philippines in 1941 1941 Philippines
1 Rupee O: Coin Design with Asoka Column Size: 96mm x 63mm 1973 India
1 Jiao O: Walking Workers with tools R: Value Size: 5mm x 103.5mm 1962 China
100 Pesos O: Tandang Sora R: Regimental Flags and Vetarans Size: 66mm x 161mm 1949 Philippines
5 Pesos Issued by Bohol Emergency Currency Board, Bohol City Philippines Under the Commonwealth... 1942 Philippines
2000 CGU O: Sut Yat-Sen R: The Central Bank of China, Shanghai Size: 73mm x 165mm 1930 China
1 Peso Issued by Cebu Currency Committee, Province of Cebu City Philippines 1941 Philippines
5 Cents Issued May 25, 1954. Issued for use in Austria, Belgium, England, Scotland, France,... 1954 USA
1 Fen O: Produce Truck R: Value Size: 90mm x 42mm 1953 China
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