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1 Pound 1988 Cyprus
$1; Elizabeth II on front; Pied Fantail bird on back 1989 New Zealand
Sharjah Market on front; tower on back 1982 United Arab Emirates
$10. Kate Sheppard on front; Ducks on back 1999 New Zealand
$5. Sir Edmund Hillary on front; Penguin on back 1999 New Zealand
1 Gulden 1947 Curacao
1 pound. Has dot in corner to enable the blind to identify the note. 1979 Malta
3rd Reich 1937 Germany
3rd Reich 1937 Germany
3rd Reich. Notice swastika seal next to the number 5 1942 Germany
Note issued for use in Nazi-occupied countries 1940 Germany
1 Pound 1940 United Kingdom
Market Square 1822 on front; D. DeLisle Broch and Royal Court of St Peter Port on back 1991 Unknown
25 Piastres; Al-Sayida Aisha Mosque on front; Coat of Arms on back 1999 Egypt
1 Pound; Sultan Qait Bey Mosque on front; Abu Simbel on back 1987 Egypt
5 Pounds; Ibn Toulon Mosque on front; Bounty of the Nile relief on back 2002 Egypt
10 Pounds; Refa'ie Mosque on front. Statue of Pharaoh Khafre (Builder of the second of the 3 Giza... 2003 Egypt
50 Tugrik 1966 Mongolia
Man on front; Seafood fishing on back 1994 Madagascar
Girl on front; Herding cattle on back 1994 Madagascar
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