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$10. Kate Sheppard on front; Ducks on back 1999 New Zealand
Small note (1-3/4 x 3-3/4). Spanish Bank of the Island of Cuba colonial issue 1896 Cuba
One Ethiopian Dollar 1966 Ethiopia
$100 Trillion (the largest number to ever appear on a banknote). Matapos Rocks on front. Cape... 2008 Zimbabwe
50 dinara 2005 Serbia
one Pound 1988 Gibraltar
1000 Francs; Workers on front; ship on back 2005 Djibouti
20 Escudos. Issued when Timor was a Portuguese colony. 1967 Unknown
Capt. H Wittbool on front; Hatrebeest on back 1996 Namibia
Depicts Robert the Bruce 1983 Unknown
5 Afghanis; King Muhammad Zahir 1939 Afghanistan
Central African States. The U in the corner marks it as being from Cameroon. School children... 2002 Cameroon
20 Korun; King Premysl Otakar I on front' Crown on Back 1994 Czech Republic
Central African States. The P identifies this note as being from Chad 1994 Chad
Large note- 5 x 8-1/4. Issued under the Kerensky government, which overthrew the Empire in march... 1917 Russia
Lion on front; Family of lions on back 1997 Congo
1 Pound 1988 Cyprus
10 Rubles; Russian Empire 1909 Russia
5 cents. Printed one side only 1945 Hong Kong
The D on this West African States note marks it as being from Mali. 1997 West African States
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