Region: Asia

Country: Laos

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Laos 1000 Kip 1998 P32e. 1998 londoncard2
Purple on brown and blue underprint. Pagoda at center. Back purple; building at right. 1963 DreamFLight911
1000 Kip Pk 32 1996 Giorgio64
Laos 500 Kip 1988 P31. 1988 londoncard2
Laos 20 Kip 1975 P21a. 1975 londoncard2
Blue-black and purple on multicolour underprint. Temple in underprint at center right.... 2003 DreamFLight911
Dark green, deep purple and green on multicolour underprint. Three women at left, temple at... 2003 DreamFLight911
Dark brown, purple and deep blue on multicolour underprint. Modern irrigation systems at center,... 1988 DreamFLight911
Deep blue-green and deep blue on multicolour underprint. Grain harvesting at left, arms at upper... 1979 DreamFLight911
Violet on multicolour underprint. Rice planting at left center, arms at upper right. Back red and... 1979 DreamFLight911
Brown and red-brown on multicolour underprint. Arms at left, tank with troop column at center.... 1979 DreamFLight911
Bark broen on multicolour underrpint. Lumber mill at left, arms at upper right. Medical scenes at... 1979 DreamFLight911
Green on multicolour underprint. Shoppers at a store, arms at upper right. Logging elephants at... 1979 DreamFLight911
Blue-gray on multicolour underprint. Militia unit at left, arms at upper right. Schoolroom scene... 1979 DreamFLight911
500 Kip Pk 31 1988 Giorgio64
20 Kip Pk 11 1963 Giorgio64
P-14b ND(1963) 1000 kip 1963 redyorkie
P-19a ND(1975) 5000 kip 1975 redyorkie
Laos 5 Kip 1962 P9b 1962 londoncard2
Laos 1 Kip 1962 P8b. 1962 londoncard2
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