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500EURO EUROPE (Currency money)(2002) 2002 KAMRAN
20 Pounds. Bank of Scotland. Sir W. Scott at center on face; Forth Bridge at center on... 2007 The_Continental_Army
10 Pounds. Bank of Scotland. Sir W. Scott at center on face; Glenfinnan Viaduct at center... 2007 The_Continental_Army
10 Pounds. Clydesdale Bank PLC. Commemorative Issue; work of Mary Slessor. Mary Slessor... 2006 The_Continental_Army
5 Pounds. Clydesdale Bank PLC. Robert Burns at left on face; Harvest Mouse and rose from... 2002 The_Continental_Army
Millennium (Prefix MM) 2000 Kwcollection88
P-258c National Bank of Scotland 1 pound. Date 10th May 1956. Signatures, ? pv 50 1956 vk3ukf
P-258a National Bank of Scotland. 1 pound. Date 1st May 1942 UNC. Signatures, ? pv 75 1942 vk3ukf
P-94f Bank of Scotland 20 pounds. Date 12th September 1960. Signatures, Lord Bilsland and Sir... 1960 vk3ukf
Prefix RLS commemorating of Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), Scottish novelist, essayist,... 1994 Kwcollection88
The Royal Bank of Scotland, 6th February 2002, 5 Pounds, QEII Golden Jubilee, the only... 2002 Kwcollection88
Bank of Scotland 1 pound, dated 3rd October 1978 Edinburgh. # C/94 0753250. P-111c. 135mm x 67mm. 1978 davidjohndrew
Bank Of Scotland £10 Note dated 2007 2007 Johnny1989
Bank Of Scotland £5 Note dated 1998 1998 Johnny1989
British Linen Bank £1 The British Linen Bank was taken over by the Royal Bank Of Scotland in... 1962 Johnny1989
Royal Bank of Scotland pcl. Jack Nicklaus, 5 pounds Sterling. 2005 ElleKitty
Nat'l Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 1 Pound Sterling. 1964 ElleKitty
1 Pound 1988 Skylark
Scotland ~ East Lothian Banking Co. £1 1820. 1820 scottishmoney
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