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Bank Of Scotland £5 Note dated 1998 1998 Johnny1989
British Linen Bank £1 The British Linen Bank was taken over by the Royal Bank Of Scotland in... 1962 Johnny1989
Royal Bank of Scotland pcl. Jack Nicklaus, 5 pounds Sterling. 2005 ElleKitty
Nat'l Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 1 Pound Sterling. 1964 ElleKitty
1 Pound 1988 Skylark
Scotland ~ East Lothian Banking Co. £1 1820. 1820 scottishmoney
Royal Bank of Scotland special 'Robert Louis Stevenson' pound note 1994 Delta
'Euro-Pound' Royal Bank of Scotland special EC / EU Holyrood Palace pound note 1992 Delta
Royal Bank of Scotland special 'First meeting of the Scottish Parliament' pound note. Reverse... 1999 Delta
Bank of Scotland five pounds. Brig o'Doon & Robert Burns. Double AA serial number. 2007 Delta
Clydesdale special '700th anniversary' Robert the Bruce twenty pound note. 2006 Delta
Jack Nicholas retirement from golf commemorative. RBS's sposorship of the British Open at St.... 2005 DreamFLight911
Jack Nicklaus 5 Pounds Sterling banknote from the Royal Bank of Scotland 2005 maverick
Depicts Robert the Bruce 1983 wheatpenny
1973 labmom
1973 labmom
Royal Bank Of Scotland £5 note from 1998. This note was heavily circulated when I got it in... 1998 Johnny1989
Royal Bank Of Scotland £1 note from 1993. Ciruclated although not too bad a condition for a... 1993 Johnny1989
Royal Bank Of Scotland £1 note from 1986 1986 Johnny1989
Clydesdale Bank £20 note, 2004 issue. Both sides show images of Robert The Bruce, who... 2004 Johnny1989
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