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Kingdom of Yugoslavia 100 Dinara Multi Queen Marie and eagle in flight 2 female... 1931 Yugoslavia
Kingdom of Yugoslavia 50 Dinara Multi King Alexander I, River and Hills Equestrian statue... 1931 Yugoslavia
Kingdom of Yugoslavia 100 Dinara Purple/Yellow/Blue Sailboats on river, Seated woman with... 1929 Yugoslavia
2000 Lira Green/Tan St Mark seal Marco Polo Facade of the Doges Palace Venice Wtmk Marco Polo 1982 Italy
10000 Lire Portrait of a Man by Andrea del Castagno, Seal of St. Mark Facade and part of the... 1978 Italy
5000 Lira Brown/Green Portrait of painter Antonello da Messina, seal of St Mark replica statue... 1976 Italy
2000 Lira Brown/green Coat of arms, Galileo, Leaning tower of Pisa, seal of St Mark Signs of... 1973 Italy
100 Lira Black/Brown Harp and Verdi La Scala opera house Milan Wtmk Vertical row of Laureated... 1969 Italy
Purplegray/Blue/Green Head of Mercury & value Mythical creature & value Wtmk Star in wreath 1966 Italy
50 Lira Green Helmeted Italia & value Value 1951 Italy
10 lire Blue Head of Jupiter Sigs Bolaffi, Cavallaro & Giovinco 2 allegorical men 1944 Italy
5 Lira Red/Brown Helmeted Italia Signatures Bolaffi, Cavallaro & Giovinco Value in wreath 1944 Italy
1 Lira Brown/Green Signatures Bolaffi, Cavallaro & Giovinco Italia's head Value 1944 Italy
10 Lire Blue King Emanuele III Helmeted Italia Wtmk Italia 1939 Italy
200 Ptas Brown/Orange Leopoldo Garcí de las Alas, Aka Clarín (writer) Tree and cross at... 1980 Spain
100 Ptas Brown/Orange Manuel de Falla summer residence of the Moorish kings in Granada Wtmk M... 1970 Spain
5 ptas Geeen/Lilac King Alfonso X Libery & Museam in Madrid Wtmk Alfonso X 1954 Spain
1 ptas Brown/Black M De Santa Cruz Sailing ship in cachet 1953 Spain
50 Ptas Blue/Lilac/Violet E Rosales and value Death of Lucritia by E Rosales Wtmk womans head 1931 Spain
Austrian Occupation of Venice 50 Centesimis Red Wreath & Value Value & Script 1918 Austria
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