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Black on multicolour underprint. Portrait A. J. se Surce at center. Arms on back 26mm wide. Back... 1988 Ecuador
Black on multicolour underprint. Like #114 Back blue. 1988 Ecuador
Black on multicolour underprint. Like 3115. Back brown. 1988 Ecuador
Black on multicolour underprint. Simular to #116. Back green. 1988 Ecuador
Black on multicolour underprint. Like #123 but with plate differences on face and back. Serial #... 1993 Ecuador
Gray and red-brown on multicolour underprint. Eloy Alfaro at right and as watermark. Arms on... 1999 Ecuador
1988 Ecuador
Lilac. Similar to #180. Imprint: Survey of Egypt. Wateramrks: A R E & U A R 1971 Egypt
Green and orange. Simular to #182. El-Gharaeb with the title MINISTER OF FINANCE. Arab Series... 1998 Egypt
Dull purple and blue on multicolour underprint. Similar to #187. 1999 Egypt
Black. Similar to #183 but new flag with eagle instead of two stars. Signature title. MINISTER OF... 1971 Egypt
Purple and pale blue and pale lilac and multicolour underprint. Face and watermark like #49 and... 1985 Egypt
black on pale orange, pink and multicolour underprint. Al Azhar mosque at center right. Back like... 1985 Egypt
Brown, purple, and deep olive-green on mulitcolour underprint. Sultan Qait Bey mosque at left... 1978 Egypt
Red-brown and brown-violet on multicolur underprimt. Al-Rifai mosque at center. Pharaoh on back.... 1978 Egypt
Dark blue-violet, brown and deep blue-green on multicolour umderprint. Izalco volcano at center... 1998 El Salvador
1975 Equatorial Guinea
Dark brown and balck on multicolour underprint. Three girls at center. Back dark green; children... 1997 Eritrea
Brownish black on yelow0orange and dull violet-brown underprint. K. Raud at left. Toampea castle... 1992 Estonia
Purple and red on multicolour underprint. J. Hurt at left center. Tamme-lauri oak tree at Urvaste... 1991 Estonia
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