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Green on multicolour underprint. Baskets at left. Sister Sarah in Straw Market on back. Signature... 1984 Bahamas
Deep green on multicolour underprint. Like #51. 1996 Bahamas
Dark brown, borwn and orange on multi colour underprint. Like #52. 2 signature varieties. 1997 Bahamas
Putple on multicolour underprint. Straw market in back. Like #17. 1968 Bahamas
Deep brown, violet and brown with deep brown shield at center. like #12. Narrow security thread. 1996 Bahrain
Purple on multicolour underprint. Similar to #6A but no printing on watermark area at left.... 1982 Bangladesh
Grey-green on orange and green underprint. Monument at right. Dhyal or Magpie-robin at left on... 1988 Bangladesh
Dark brown and deep blue-green on multicolour underprint. M. Rahman at right and as watermark.... 1997 Bangladesh
Brown, red, and multicolour. National emblem at left, building at lower right. National Assembly... 2004 Bangladesh
Similar to #20. but without printing on watermark area at left on face. Brrown on multicolour... 1981 Bangladesh
Brown, red and multicolour. Mujibur Rahman at left. National Assembly building on back. Polymer... 2000 Bangladesh
Blue on multicolour underprint. Portrair J. R. Bovell at right. 1986 Barbados
Red and brown-orange on pink underprint. Squirrel at center right on back. 1992 Belarus
Blue-green and blue. Back brown on multicolour underprint. Rabbit at center right on back. 1992 Belarus
Deep green on light green, orange and multicolour underprint. Lynx with kittenat center right... 1992 Belarus
Violet on red, green and multicolour underprint. Moose at center right on back. 1992 Belarus
Deep purple on red and green underprint. Bear at center right on back. 1992 Belarus
Brown, grey and tan on multicolour underprint. Winset (European Bison) at center on back. 1992 Belarus
Light blue, pale olive-green and pink. Back dark blue and dark green on multicolour underprint;... 1992 Belarus
Green on multicolour underprint. Back similar to #11. 2000 Belarus
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