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This is a new note. July 1, 2007 2007 Ghana
1979 Ghana
1984 Ghana
2007 Ghana
Brown and red on multicolour underprint. The Covenant of Gibraltar at left center on back. Three... 1988 Gibraltar
Blue on multicolour underprint. Arethusa at left, gallet at bottom right. Shipyard on back. 1964 Greece
Blue on multicolour underprint. Poseidon at left. Sailing ship at left center, man and woman at... 1978 Greece
Red-brown on multicolour underprint. Demokritos at left, building and atomic symbol at right.... 1966 Greece
Deep orange on multicolour underprint. R. Velestinlis-Feraios at left. Velestinlis-Feraios... 1996 Greece
Olive on multicolour underprint. Relief of Elusis at center. Relief of animals at bottom left,... 1968 Greece
Brown and violet on multicolour underprint. Athena Peiraios at left. Back maroon, green and... 1978 Greece
Brown on multicolour underprint. Zeus at left, stadium at bottom center. Back brown and green;... 1970 Greece
P99 500 Drachmai 1926 Greece
P107 50 Drachmai 1939 Greece
P119 5000 Drachmai 1942 Greece
P118 1000 Drachmai 1942 Greece
P115 1000 Drachmai Reissue of #100a,b and 106 1941 Greece
P130 25,000,000 Drachmai 1944 Greece
P134 2,000,000,000 Drachmai 1944 Greece
Brown on multicolour underprint. Similar to #65,79 but with colorful back. 1994 Guatemala