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10,000 Yen. Yukichi Fukuzawa at right on face; pheasants at left and right on back. Pick #102c 1993 Japan
S-655b Commonwealth of the Philippines, Negros Oriental 2 Peso note with grey ink. 1942 Philippines
Dutch East Indies Japanese Occupation Currency 1942 5 c Front Blue on Buff, Value in 2 corners,... 1942 Indonesia
Central Reserve Bank of China (Japanese puppet bank) $500 1943 Purple/Brown/Res/Gray Governor... 1943 China
1 Yen(China - Japanese military 1938/Overprint "Chun Yung Shou Piao"/Military Note) 1938 Japan
Chinese Hell Bank Note Offering for the Dead. 1990 China
1 Cym - Back as 5 cym 1992 Uzbekistan
*MALAYA*__1 Dollar__ Pk 11__ 01-July-1941__ Issued 1945 in Straits Settlements and... 1941 Malaysia
20 Afghanis. Bank arms with horseman at center on face; building and mountains at center on... 1979 Afghanistan
1 cent Hong Kong Obverse: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth 11 Reverse: Blank 1953 Hong Kong
Japan P-91 500 Yen 1951 1951 Japan
Kiangsu Provincial Bank 1936 $1600 Check Front Value & Bank Seal Ok not quite a bank note but... 1936 China
Hong Kong 1 cent (Governemt) 1992-1995, signature: Sir Hamish MacLeod 1992 Hong Kong
Japanese Occupation 1943-1945 in Singapore 10 Dollars with MP Serial Obverse: Banana Tree... 1943 Singapore
6th Series RM1. Lucky number with combination of only two numbers.And 2nd notes numbers... 1992 Malaysia
Zhōngguó Rénmín Yínháng | 5 Fēn | Obverse: Cargo ship | Reverse: National Coat of... 1953 China
1942-1944? 1942 Japan
1980 PEOPLES BANK OF CHINA 1 JIAO P881 1980 China
S-655a Commonwealth of the Philippines, Negros Oriental, 2 Peso note with blue ink. 1942 Philippines
Hong Kong 1993 100 Dollars. First date of issue for the transitional issue (1993-97) of the... 1993 Hong Kong