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Papua New Guinea 2007 5 Kina. 13th. South Pacific Games. Cut unevenly. The right hand... 2007 Papua New Guinea
1980 PEOPLES BANK OF CHINA 1 JIAO P881 1980 China
PI-109 Philippine 1 Peso note under Japan rule, scarce low serial number. 1943 Philippines
50 SEN 1942 1942 Japan
1.000 YEN - ITO HIROBUMI 1963 Japan
Year? 1000 YEN(F) Japan I can't read Japanese, thus I don't know the real year of this 1000... 1988 Japan
P-189 Cagayan 2 Pesos note with inverted reverse. 1942 Philippines
1 Ringgit. Polymer Note. Dated 1996 issued Febuary 1996 Sig- Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah... 1996 Brunei
50 Kip * 1979 * P-29 1979 Laos
10 Afghanis. Bank arms with horseman at top center on face; mountain road scene on back.... 1979 Afghanistan
10 Dollars Dated 31 March 1978.The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation.OFFER VIA EMAIL. 1978 Hong Kong
Japanese Occupation 1943-1945 in Singapore 5 Dollars with MK Serial Obverse: Coconut Tree... 1943 Singapore
The 2nd series of 1 ringgit Malaysia. Serial No: D/78 100000 Obverse: Potrait of the first... 1972 Malaysia
Laos 200 Deux Cents Kip Front: King Savang Vatthana & That Luang temple Back:Waterfalls. 1963 Laos
10 Dollars 1978 Hong Kong
Green on multicolour underprint. School children. Head of Lokecvara at Ta Som on back. Watermark:... 1972 Cambodia
Standard Chartered Bank; 50 dollars; July 1, 2003 Part of the Dragon Collection!... 2003 Hong Kong
11th Series RM1. Fancy number with combination of only 2 numbers.And 2nd notes numbers HC8811188.... 2001 Malaysia
S-405 Leyte Emergency Currency Board 1 Peso note. 1943 Philippines