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1,000 Afghanis. Bank arms with horseman at center, Mosque at Mazar-e-Sharf at right on face;... 1991 Afghanistan
500 Dram, First Issue, Specimen 1993 Armenia
BUKHARA SOVIET PEOPLES REPUBLIC~10,000 Ruble 1340 AH/1921 AD. Printed with engraved woodblocks 1921 Uzbekistan
1000 Rupiah Blue/Purple Danau Toba Hills & lake Nias warrior leaping traditional stone,... 1998 Indonesia
Far-Caucasian Republic (Georgia - Armenia - Azerbaijan), 3 roubles 1918 Georgia
PI-22 Bank of the Philippine Islands 5 Pesos note. I will trade this note for Philippine or Japan... 1933 Philippines
PI-108 Philippine 10 peso note under Japan rule with MACARTHUR HAS RETURNED overpring. 1942 Philippines
100 Peso Rizal Not Issued, no block # or Serial # Very Rare. Since 1903 this is the first time... 1949 Philippines
Bank of Communications $10 1914 Shanghai Red/Blue Governor T S Wong signed in black Front... 1914 China
50 Rufiyaa. Dhow at right on face; village market in Malé on back. Pick #new 2000 Maldives
The 2nd series of 1 ringgit Malaysia. Serial No: D/78 100000 Obverse: Potrait of the first... 1972 Malaysia
Cinco Pesos Banco Espanol Filipino P-1, Rare note seldom seen in any condition. 1908 Philippines
1 Ringgit. Polymer Note. Dated 1996 issued Febuary 1996 Sig- Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah... 1996 Brunei
S-405 Leyte Emergency Currency Board 1 Peso note. 1943 Philippines
1.000 YEN - ITO HIROBUMI 1963 Japan
Malaysia 100 ringgit. Issued in 1998. 1998 Malaysia
Central Reserve Bank of China (Japanese puppet bank) $500 1943 Purple/Brown/Res/Gray Governor... 1943 China
PI-110a Philippine 5 Pesos note under Japan rule with BONZAI and Asia's savage rapist, what gain... 1943 Philippines
S-595 Oriential Misamis Agency of the Philippines one peso note. 1942 Philippines