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Japanese Occupation 1943-1945 in Singapore 10 Dollars with MP Serial Obverse: Banana Tree... 1943 Singapore
Chinese Hell Bank Note Offering for the Dead. 1990 China
20 Afghanis. Bank arms with horseman at center on face; building and mountains at center on... 1979 Afghanistan
Kiangsu Provincial Bank 1936 $1600 Check Front Value & Bank Seal Ok not quite a bank note but... 1936 China
S-655b Commonwealth of the Philippines, Negros Oriental 2 Peso note with grey ink. 1942 Philippines
Japan P-91 500 Yen 1951 1951 Japan
*MALAYA*__1 Dollar__ Pk 11__ 01-July-1941__ Issued 1945 in Straits Settlements and... 1941 Malaysia
6th Series RM1. Lucky number with combination of only two numbers.And 2nd notes numbers... 1992 Malaysia
1000 Rupiah Blue/Purple Danau Toba Hills & lake Nias warrior leaping traditional stone,... 1998 Indonesia
Five pesos Treasury Certificate released to the Navy Department as Aviators' Emergency Money... 1941 Philippines
Central Reserve Bank of China (Japanese puppet bank) $500 1943 Purple/Brown/Res/Gray Governor... 1943 China
S-655a Commonwealth of the Philippines, Negros Oriental, 2 Peso note with blue ink. 1942 Philippines
Zhōngguó Rénmín Yínháng | 5 Fēn | Obverse: Cargo ship | Reverse: National Coat of... 1953 China
1942-1944? 1942 Japan
SMR-753 Rare Salecedo Samar 20 Centavos note. 1942 Philippines
Bank of Communications $10 1914 Shanghai Red/Blue Governor T S Wong signed in black Front... 1914 China
Hong Kong 1993 100 Dollars. First date of issue for the transitional issue (1993-97) of the... 1993 Hong Kong
SMR-172 Philippine 10 cent note. 1943 Philippines
Ngân Hàng Nhà Nước Việt Nam | 200 Đồng | Obverse: Hồ Chí Minh and Coat of Arms... 1987 Vietnam