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5000 Won. Yi I and two raised colored dots for blind at lower left on face; Ojukon, birthplace... 2002 Korea - South
10000 Won. King Sejong, water clock and three raised colored dots in variable ink on face;... 2000 Korea - South
100 Rupees. Bhatacharya signature. Large Note. 1962 India
2 Rupees. Malhotra signature. Tiger. 1985 India
5 Rupees. S Jaganathan signature. Deer & Antelope. 1970 India
10 Rupees. Bhatacharya signature. Large note. 1962 India
5 Rupees. Malhotra signature. 1985 India
10 Rupees. Bimal Jalan signature. 1997 India
50 Rupees. C Rangarajan signature. 1992 India
Philippine WWII Guerilla Note, Also known as an Emergengy Circulating Note. This one is from... 1942 Philippines
This is an actual PNB (Philippine National Bank) issue Emergency Circulating note of 1941.... 1941 Philippines
These notes were made out of ANYthing that was handy at the time. It could be old newspaper, or a... 1942 Philippines
Notice that the PNB (Philippine National Bank) issue all say that the PNB WILL PAY THE BEARER ON... 1941 Philippines
A 20 Peso Emergency currency note (Guerilla Note) from Mindanao. This Province is where all the... 1944 Philippines
1945 Philippines Guerilla 20 Peso note from Negros. This is a good example of how these notes... 1945 Philippines
Philippines Two Peso Guerilla note from Mindanao. 1943 Philippines
Philippines One Peso Guerilla note from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. You MAY have noticed... 1942 Philippines
Philippine Five Peso Guerilla Note from Bohol. Another of the BPGnotes (brown paper bag), but... 1942 Philippines
Philippine Fifty Centavos Guerilla note from Bohol. Most likely printed on brown paper bag material. 1942 Philippines
Philippine One Peso Guerilla note from Bohol. This one appears to have been printed on Brown... 1943 Philippines
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