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Philippine Fifty Centavos Guerilla (emergency) note. This is the Blue Seal note, and first to be... 1944 Philippines
Philippines Five Pesos Guerilla note. Also called Emergency Currency Certificates. This one is... 1944 Philippines
SCARCE Philippine Guerilla Note! This is a Twenty Centavos Guerilla (emergency currency... 1943 Philippines
Philippine Guerilla Twenty Peso note with one of several Prominent Americans featured. This one... 1942 Philippines
Philippine Five Peso Guerilla Note With General Douglas MacArthur featured on the note. From ILOILO. 1942 Philippines
Philippine Guerilla (emergency currency) note. This is a SCARCE AA series note from Mindanao. 1943 Philippines
Philippine Guerilla (emergency currency)2 Peso Note from Mindanao. This is about as nice as you... 1943 Philippines
Philippine Guerilla (emergency currency) Ten Peso Note from Cebu. These Cebu Philippine National... 1941 Philippines
Philippine Guerilla (emergency currency) Ten Peso Note from the Negros Occidental city of... 1941 Philippines
Philippine Guerilla (emergency currency) 5 Peso note from Iloilo. This one is fairly scarce. 1941 Philippines
Philippine National Bank (PNB) Emergency currency Five Peso note. 1941 Philippines
Japanese-Philippines (JIM) Invasion Money. These notes were issued by the occupying Japanese... 1941 Philippines
Japanese-Philippines (JIM)Inavsion Money that was issued by the occupying japanese forces.Very... 1941 Philippines
Japanese-Philippine (JIM) Invasion Money issued by the occupying forces of Japan for use in the... 1941 Philippines
P-43a Japan 1942 Five Sen 1942 Japan
P-54a Japan 1944 One Yen 1944 Japan
P-59a Japan 1942-44 Fifty Sen 1942 Japan
P-59c Japan 1942-44 Fifty Sen 1942 Japan
P-79a Japan 1946 Ten Yen 1946 Japan
P-86a Japan 1946 Five Yen 1946 Japan
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