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1988 Australia
Dark green and tan. Marco POlo at right and as watermark. Fascade of Doge Palace in Venice at... 1982 Italy
2008 Nepal
Brown and blue on multicolour underprint. Geometric pattern at right. Bowl at left, canoe at... 2004 Mauritania
Purple and pale blue and pale lilac and multicolour underprint. Face and watermark like #49 and... 1985 Egypt
Purple and tan on multicolour underprint. Steven Stojanovic Mokranjac at left center, violin,... 2005 Serbia
Brown on multicolour underprint. National Bank Building left center. Interior viem on back. 20002001 Belarus
Dark brown and brown-violet on mulitcolour underprint. Children in bush school at left center on... 2004 Malawi
Purple and brown-orange on multicolour underprint. Similar to #87 but design continued over... 1989 Mexico
Dark olive-green and green on multicolour underrpint. Queen Medb at right. Old writing on back.... 1982 Ireland
10 and 20 Swiss Franken 1998 Switzerland
Gray-green and blue on multicolour underprint, with two black horizontal accounting bars at lower... 1986 Malta
East Germany Blue on multicolour underprint. Karl Marx at right. Street scene in East Berlin... 1975 Germany
Green on multicolour underprint. War Memorial at Left. Temple in Tarxien at left, old capital... 1973 Malta
Brown, blue and purple on multicolour underprint. Samoan village at center. M. Tanumafili II at... 1990 Samoa
Red-brown and multicolour. Woman waering hat at left, aerial view of modern buildings at center.... 19781983 Cameroon
Green on multicolour underprint. School children. Head of Lokecvara at Ta Som on back. Watermark:... 1972 Cambodia
Deep brown on blue and multicolour underprint. Pavol Orszag-Hviezdoslav at right. Bird at lower... 1986 Czech Republic
Black on red and multicolour underprint. Alexander Tamanyan and city plan. House of the... 1999 Armenia
Grren and blue on multicolour underprint. Cotton boll at left. Back blue on multiuclour underprint. 1985 Sudan
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