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Black on pale violet and blue-green underprint. Signature 9. 1993 Congo
Deep brownish purple and black on multicolour underprint. Tjut Njak Dhien at right, arms at upper... 1998 Indonesia
Green and black on tan underprint. Petar II Petrovic Njegos, Prince-Bishop of Montenegro at left.... 2000 Serbia
Like #54 Purple, black and roange on multicolour underprint. Caracas removed under bank anme.... 1992 Venezuela
Dark blue on multicolour underprint. Manuel M. B. de Bocage seated at right and as watermark.... 1985 Portugal
Green and black on multicolour underprint. Girl with vessel on head at left. Rice paddy scene on... 19731975 Cambodia
Blue-gray on multicolour underprint. Militia unit at left, arms at upper right. Schoolroom scene... 1979 Laos
Slate blue on light blue and multicolour underprint. Oil rigs and pumps at center right. Value on... 2001 Azerbaijan
Purple on red, blue and multicolour underprint. Kapitan Pattimura at center. Fishing boat and... 2000 Indonesia
Brown, black and red on multicolour underrpint. Kremlin with new tricolour flag at left center... 1992 Russia
Olive-green and blue on multicolour underprint. Coliseum at center, V. Bellini at right and as... 1985 Italy
Red on multicolour underprint. Face design like #21. D) Signature titles: LE GOUVERNEUR and... 1997 Burundi
Green and brown on multicolour underpint. Irrigation canal at center. Dam at left center on back. 1977 Saudi Arabia
Blue on multicolour underprint. Dr. Soetomo at center right. Mountain scene in Sianok Valley on... 1980 Indonesia
Blue-black and purple on multicolour underprint. Temple in underprint at center right.... 2003 Laos
Brown on blue and ornage underprint. Value at left, Like #167 but new arms and signature Portrait... 1986 Hungary
Purple and red on multicolour underprint. J. Hurt at left center. Tamme-lauri oak tree at Urvaste... 1991 Estonia
Blue on multicolour underprint. Clock Tower in Izmir at left center on back. Watermark varieties.... 1983 Turkey
Like #61 but J. G. Artigas portrait printed in watemark area. Series G 1989 Signature title 1 1987 Uruguay
Blue and orange. Fishermen fishing from boats with large nets in Lake Tonle Sap at left and... 19561975 Cambodia
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