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P-87a Japan 1946 Ten Yen 1946 Japan
P-89a Japan 1946 One Hundred Yen 1946 Japan
P-58 Japan 1938 50 Sen 1938 Japan
P-58 Japan 1938 50 Sen 1938 Japan
RARE! Philippine Guerilla Note From the Mountain Province, eaning the Cordilleras, Benguet... 1941 Philippines
RARE! 10 Peso Philippine Guerilla note from the Mountain Province of Benguet, and probably from... 1941 Philippines
Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) issued for use in the Occupied Philippines. This is the First issue... 1941 Philippines
First Central Bank issue following the end of the Japanese occupation. Still lots of good 'ol... 1949 Philippines
WWII Japanese occupation currency. This was the SMALLEST (4.5cm x 10cm)currency ever issued by... 1941 Japan
The Smallest (4.5cm x 10cm)in size AND denomination issued by the Japanese Govt. This note was... 1941 Japan
WWII JApanese occupation issue for the Philippines. The SMALLEST (4.5cm x 10cm) size note issued... 1941 Philippines
Japanese occupation currency issued for the Philippines. This is the SMALLEST (4.5cm x 10cm)issue... 1941 Philippines
The First Twenty Centavos note issued by the Commonwealth of the Philippines, Central Bank of the... 1949 Philippines
Philippines Commonwealth (Central Bank )First Fifty centavos issue. The ONLY note with reference... 1949 Philippines
Nice Japanese 10 Yen Note. 1946 Japan
A Beautiful Crisp, Uncirculated 10 Yen note. 1937 Japan
A Beautiful 1940s Crisp/AUNC 5 Yen Note. 1940 Japan
A Beautiful 1940s Crisp/AUNC 1 Yen Note! 1940 Japan
Philippine 50 Centavos Emergency Currency Certificate (Guerilla note of 1944) from Mindanao. 1944 Philippines
Philippine One Peso (Guerilla Note) Emergency Currency Certificate of 1944, from Mindanao. Alot... 1944 Philippines
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