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PI-111 10 Pesos note in series. 1943 Philippines
Indian 10 rupees black colour banknote 1977 India
Institute of Issuance of Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam 5 Piastr(Vietnam) Green Bao Die. 13th... 1953 Vietnam
Republika Ng Pilipinas 50 Pesos Specimen note. 1949 Philippines
This note was brought back from Pakistan by a co-worker for me. I believe it is the new style... 2006 Pakistan
* MALAYA * ________________ 10 Cents__ Pk 8__ 01-July-1941__ Issued 1945 In Straits... 1941 Malaysia
S-335 Iloilo 50 Centavo Treasury Ceertificate. 1944 Philippines
S-577a This is a Misamis Occidental 2 Peso note. I will accept either monitary offers or... 1942 Philippines
S594b RARE Mountain Province 50 centavos note with countersign on reverse. 1942 Philippines
S-394 RARE Leyte Emergency Currency Board 1 Peso note. 1942 Philippines
ENGLISH SERIES 50 Peso 11 (p138a) Quirino-Cuaderno A184286 ...A rare Philippine note, in any... 1949 Philippines
President Sukarno of Indonesia 1000 Rupiah Printed in Swiss with water mark in Arabic script... 1964 Indonesia
1 Kyat (Central Bank of Myanmar) 1990 Myanmar
SMR-103 Rare Free Samar 20 Centavos note. 1943 Philippines
Deep brownish purple and black on multicolour underprint. Tjut Njak Dhien at right, arms at upper... 1998 Indonesia
100 d 0 Taiwan
p26a 1903 5 Peso Silver Certificate Wm. Taft Signature 1903 Philippines
p95a 2 Peso Treasury Certificate Victory Note 1944 Philippines
Ten Pesos Treasury Certificate released by the US Navy Department as Emergency Money Pockets.... 1941 Philippines
Polymer 10 Rupees Sig Dr Tilak Bahadur Rawal Green/Purple/Brown King Gyanedra Bir Bikram in... 2001 Nepal