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Purple and black on multicolour underprint. Simon Bolivar at right and as watermark. Back green... 1990 Venezuela
Blue-black on pink and lightblue underprint. Kremlin, Spasski Tower at center right on right. 1993 Russia
Green on multicolour underprint. 1994 Transdniestria
Silver overprint of #20. Black and green on multicolour underprint. Prince Pribina at right... 2000 Slovakia
Deep olive-green, brown and blue-green on multicolour underprint. Chinze at left. Fountain of... 1994 Myanmar
Purple on rose and blue underprint. Dome of the Rock on back. 2002 Iraq
1981 China
Green on light blue and lilac underprint. Temple at center. Back multicoloured; leopard at center. 1981 Nepal
ND (1996 - old adte 1994). Dark green on multicolour underprint. Overprint on face and back of #16. 1996 Transdniestria
Purple and blue multicolour underprint. Three native birds - Crested Lark, Eurasian Bee Eater and... 2003 Qatar
Blue-black on light blue underprint. Crowned arms at center right on back. 1992 Bosnia
Blue on light blue underprint. Two oxen ar right. Three ceremonial women. 19561972 Cambodia
Lilac. Similar to #180. Imprint: Survey of Egypt. Wateramrks: A R E & U A R 1971 Egypt
blue on light pink and light blue underprint. Palais Beit-ed-din with inner courtyard. Snowy... 1988 Lebanon
Black, dark blue and purple on multicolour underprint. Ricardo Palma at right. Back aqua and... 1987 Peru
Deep green, olive-brown and red on multivcolour underprint. Mariscal Andres Aveilino Caceres at... 1998 Peru
Brown and green on multicolour underprint. Statue of Lokecvara at left. Long boat. Watermark:... 19571975 Cambodia
0 United Kingdom
Dark grey, purple and dark olive-green on multicolour underprint. Ruins of Temple of Bacchus at... 1988 Lebanon
Purple on multicolour underprint. Waterfall at center. Watermark: 1 Large and 4 small stars. 1979 China
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