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Deep brown-violet and olive-green on mulitcolour underprint. Jose Cabriel Condorcanqui Tupec.... 1987 Peru
Dark brown, dark blue and dark green on multicolour underprint. Jewels at right. Havesting,... 1995 Ghana
Pale red on orange and multicolour underprint. Sailboat Pinisi at left. Volcano Anak Krakatau at... 1992 Indonesia
1992 Macedonia
Purple on brown and blue underprint. Pagoda at center. Back purple; building at right. 1963 Laos
Blue on green and orange underprint. Geometric design at center. Amir Kabir Dam near Karaj on back. 1961 Iran
1978 China
2005 Hong Kong
1993 Kyrgyzstan
1993 Kyrgyzstan
Green, blue and purple on multicolour underprint. Kremlin at left center on back. 1993 Russia
Brown-violet on multicolour underprint. Dong and Yao youths at right. Great Wall at center on back. 1980 China
Purple and red-violet on multicolour underprint. Miao and Zhuang children at left. 1980 China
Green, olive-green and brown on multicolour underprint. Kremlin at center on back. Watermark: Stars 1993 Russia
Pale brown and orange on multicolour underprint. General Aung San as watermark. Dragon carving at... 1990 Myanmar
Black on multicolour underprint. Portrait A. J. se Surce at center. Arms on back 26mm wide. Back... 1988 Ecuador
Black on multicolour underprint. Simular to #116. Back green. 1988 Ecuador
Green-orange on multicolour underprint. Mahatma Gandhi at right and as watermark. Farmer plowing... 2002 India
Purple on multicolour underprint. Grain silo at Basrah. Date palms on back. 2003 Iraq
Brownish purple on tan underprint. Central Bank Seal Type 1 at left. Signature 1 Brownish purple.... 1949 Philippines
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