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Brownish purple on tan underprint. Central Bank Seal Type 1 at left. Signature 1 Brownish purple.... 1949 Philippines
East Germany Dark olive-green and dark brown on multicolour underprint. Family at right.... 1985 Germany
Brown and tan on multicolour underprint. Mythical winged creature at center on back. 1972 Myanmar
1993 Kyrgyzstan
Brown-violet on multicolour underprint. Dong and Yao youths at right. Great Wall at center on back. 1980 China
Dark blue-green and grayish purple on light blue-green underprint. Issued note 1990 Slovenia
Blue on multicolour underprint. 1982 Suriname
Light brown on pink and multicolout underprint. Signature 9. 1993 Congo
Black on multicolour underprint. Portrait A. J. se Surce at center. Arms on back 26mm wide. Back... 1988 Ecuador
Blue-grey and green on multicolour underprint. General Aung San at left center. Mythical dancer... 1986 Myanmar
Deep green and lilac on multicolour underprint. Rafael Yglesias Castro at left, flowers at right.... 1989 Costa Rica
Dark red on multicolour underprint. Similar to #79. Printer: CBNC 2003 Honduras
Green, brown, and blue on yellow underprint. Oxen and farmer plowing at center. Mountain and lake... 2003 Rwanda
Similar to #72 but green and gray. Lithograph without watermark. 1990 Iraq
Deep grey-green and blue-black on multicolour underprint. Ruins at Tyras on face and back.... 1988 Lebanon
Brown on pale green underporint. Back red on multicolour underprint. A) Issued note 1961 Russia
Red on lilac and light gold underprint. Arms at left. Man presiding at Independence meeting on... 1967 Uruguay
Brown on yellow0gold underprint. Numeral with cranberry brach at center. Two lizards on back. 1991 Lithuania
Overprint of #115. Green on multicolour undeprint. Face similar to #114. Two men in cockpit of... 1976 Mozambique
Red-violet and orange on julticolour underprint. A. Ikoku at left. Two women with bowls on heads... 1984 Nigeria
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