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Similar to #72 but green and gray. Lithograph without watermark. 1990 Iraq
East Germany Dark brown on multicolour underprint. Arms at right and as watermark. Government... 1985 Germany
Brown on pale green underporint. Back red on multicolour underprint. A) Issued note 1961 Russia
This is a new note. July 1, 2007 2007 Ghana
Dull black on olive-green underprint. Crowned arms at center right on back. 1992 Bosnia
Deep greenish black and deep brown on multicolour underprint. Condor at left. Jose Maria Cordoba... 1975 Colombia
Red--brown, green and multicolour. Suspension bridge at right. Fisherman loading nets into boat... 1995 Ghana
Brown and blue on multicolour underprint. Girl at left. Dhovel loading ore into open and dump... 1985 Guinea
Orange on multicolour underprint. Portrait Antonio Jose de Surce at right. Puerta del Sol on... 1962 Bolivia
Overprint of #109. Green on mutlicolour underprint. Portrait A. de Ornelas at right, arms at... 1976 Mozambique
Green and blue on multicolour underprint. Ornate native wheel assembly at right on back. 1972 Myanmar
Blue on multicolour underprint. Two serial # varieties. Large size serial # 1963 Suriname
Blue-violet, blue-green and dark brown on multicolour underprint. Chinze at left. Workers... 1994 Myanmar
Purple on multicolour underprint. Similar to #67. 1990 Guatemala
Brown on multicolour underprint. 1994 Tajikistan
Grey-green on orange and green underprint. Monument at right. Dhyal or Magpie-robin at left on... 1988 Bangladesh
Purple on pink underprint. Mostar stone arch bridge at right on back. 1992 Bosnia
Black on multicolour underprint. Like #123 but with plate differences on face and back. Serial #... 1993 Ecuador
Green on olive-green underprint. Chaim Weizmann at right Sichem Gate on back. 1973 Israel
Green and purple on multicolour underprint. Back similar to #3. 1977 Oman
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