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Deep brownish purple and black on multicolour underprint. Tjut Njak Dhien at right, arms at upper... 1998 Indonesia
Like #11 Dark brown, green and orange on multicolour underprint. Villagers working at... 1998 Maldives
Like #55 Dark brown and brown-violet on milticolour underprint. Printer: BDDK (without... 1998 Venezuela
1998 Bosnia
1998 Bosnia
1998 Seychelles
1998 Uruguay
10 and 20 Swiss Franken 1998 Switzerland
P21 1 Dollar 1998 Cayman Islands
Dark brown, borwn and orange on multi colour underprint. Like #52. 2 signature varieties. 1997 Bahamas
Dark brown and deep blue-green on multicolour underprint. M. Rahman at right and as watermark.... 1997 Bangladesh
Purple on multicolour underprint. Suku mask at left Zande Harp at center right on back. Printer G&D. 1997 Congo
Deep brown, red-brown and red on multicolour underprint. Simular to #148 1997 Dominican Republic
Dark brown and balck on multicolour underprint. Three girls at center. Back dark green; children... 1997 Eritrea
Dark blue and violet on multicolour underprint. Similar to #8. 1997 Kyrgyzstan
Deep olive-green, green and olive-brown on multicolour underprint. Villagers mashing grain at... 1997 Malawi
Dull violet on light green and pale orange-brown underprint. Star-burst with text and dates at... 1997 Pakistan
Dark brown and brown on multicolour underpront. Okapi's head at left. Family of Okapis at left... 1997 Congo
Red on multicolour underprint. Face design like #21. D) Signature titles: LE GOUVERNEUR and... 1997 Burundi
Like #4, 11 Violet and black on pink and gray underprint. St. Agnes of Bohemia at right and... 1997 Czech Republic
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