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Deep blue and brown-violet on multicolour underprint. B. Mitre at right and as watermark. Ornate... 1997 Argentina
Greenish black and olive-green on multicolour underprint. 1997 Solomon Islands
Dark blue, black, deep purple on green and multicolour underprint. Arms at left and as watermark.... 1997 Uzbekistan
1997 Russia
Deep green on multicolour underprint. Like #51. 1996 Bahamas
Deep brown, violet and brown with deep brown shield at center. like #12. Narrow security thread. 1996 Bahrain
Dark brown and blue-green on multicolour underprint. Chinze at left center. Ball game scene on back. 1996 Myanmar
Deep purple and violet on multicolour underprint. Chinze at right center. Elaborate barge on back. 1996 Myanmar
Dark green, blue and olive-brown on multicolour underprint. Kaka bird (Masked Shining Parrot) at... 1996 Fiji
Deep orange on multicolour underprint. R. Velestinlis-Feraios at left. Velestinlis-Feraios... 1996 Greece
Brown-violet and blue-black on ulticolour underprint. Dromedary caravan on back. 1996 Kenya
ND (1996 - old adte 1994). Dark green on multicolour underprint. Overprint on face and back of #16. 1996 Transdniestria
Brown, orange and olive-brown on multicolour underprint. Worker in textile factory at center... 1996 Uganda
Apple green and tan on pale blue and ochre underprint. Watermark: Zig-zag of 4 bars. (Parquet... 1996 Ukraine
Lilac and tan on blue and yellow underprint. Watermark: Zig-zag of 4 bars. (Parquet-paper) 1996 Ukraine
Olive-brown on ulticolour underprint. Ruins of Kherson at center. St. Volodymr at center on back.... 1996 Ukraine
1996 Morocco
1996 Sao Tome & Principe
1996 Zambia
P164 2000 Pesetas 1996 Spain
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