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P112 50 Peso 2000 Mexico
P114 200 Peso 2000 Mexico
Gray and red-brown on multicolour underprint. Eloy Alfaro at right and as watermark. Arms on... 1999 Ecuador
Dull purple and blue on multicolour underprint. Similar to #187. 1999 Egypt
Red on multicolour underprint. Currency and high-speed train at left. Bank building on bank.... 1999 Taiwan
Dark brown and blue-grey on multicolour underprint. A. Mabini and A. Bonifacio at left center;... 1999 Philippines
Blue on multiclour underprint. Imaginative reproduction of the Solar System at right, with the... 1999 Romania
Brown on tan and red underprint. Sadriddin Ayni Theatre and Opera house at center. Pamir... 1999 Tajikistan
Black on red and multicolour underprint. Alexander Tamanyan and city plan. House of the... 1999 Armenia
1999 China
Violet and pink on light blue underprint. Paisii Hielendarski at left. Heraldic lion on back. 1999 Bulgaria
Brown and brown-orange on multicolour underprint. Mt. Everest at left. Sir Edmund Hillary at... 1999 New Zealand
1999 Bulgaria
1999 Bulgaria
1999 New Zealand
Brownish pink and slate blue on multicolour underprint. Aram Khachaturian at left, opera house at... 1998 Armenia
Green and orange. Simular to #182. El-Gharaeb with the title MINISTER OF FINANCE. Arab Series... 1998 Egypt
Deep green, olive-brown and red on multivcolour underprint. Mariscal Andres Aveilino Caceres at... 1998 Peru
Dark blue-violet, brown and deep blue-green on multicolour umderprint. Izalco volcano at center... 1998 El Salvador
Blue-violet, dasrk green and olive-brown on mulitcolour underprint. Mihai Eminescu at right and... 1998 Romania
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