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Northern Ireland Similar to #326 331 335 Brown on multicolour underprint. Watermark:... 2001 Ireland
Like # 441, 442, 446, 447, 452 Deep violet and red-violet. Jose Asuncion Silva and bug at... 2001 Colombia
Similar to #28 Dark green and green on multicolour underprint. F. K. Frankopan and P. Zrinski... 2001 Croatia
Blue and mulitcolour underprint. Similar to #106 Polymer plastic. Printer: NPA and BdM... 2001 USA
Dark and light green on multicolour underprint. Similar to #18 but with ornate window design.... 2001 Solomon Islands
Like #103 109 With additional secruity features. Purple and red on multicolour underprint.... 2001 Sri Lanka
Like #15 20 24 Dark blue and balck on multicolour underprint. Hydroelectric plant at Luphohlo... 2001 Swaziland
Dark brown on multicolour underprint. Headman with scepter at right and as watermark, skyscraper... 2001 West African States
P116 20 Peso 2001 Mexico
Green on multicolour underprint. Back similar to #11. 2000 Belarus
Pale red and violet on mulitcolour underprint. Back similar to #17. 2000 Belarus
Lilac on multicolour underprint. National Library at right on back. 2000 Belarus
Purple and burgundy on multicolour underprint. Shell and fish at center. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse at... 2000 Bermuda
Greenish black and brown-violet on multicolour underprint. Cattle at left, arms at lower center... 2000 Burundi
Purple on red, blue and multicolour underprint. Kapitan Pattimura at center. Fishing boat and... 2000 Indonesia
Silver overprint of #20. Black and green on multicolour underprint. Prince Pribina at right... 2000 Slovakia
Brown, red and multicolour. Mujibur Rahman at left. National Assembly building on back. Polymer... 2000 Bangladesh
Green and black on tan underprint. Petar II Petrovic Njegos, Prince-Bishop of Montenegro at left.... 2000 Serbia
Blue and multicolour. red-necked Woodpecker at left center. Flower on back. 2000 Suriname
Montserrat Please add to country list thanks 2000 Antigua and Barbuda
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