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This is Somaliland Brownish black and red-violet on multicolour underpint. 1994 Somalia
Dull purple and dull brown on grey and tan underprint. Musical string instrument at center.... 1994 Myanmar
Violet and dark green on multicolour underprint. Arms at upper left center. Artigas at right.... 1974 Uruguay
Brown on multicolour underprint. Face like #7. Back purple; boat beached at left, Ministry of... 1985 Qatar
Red-violet on pale red-orange underprint. Two archers at lower center on face and back. 1993 Mongolia
Orange on multicolour underprint. Seated liberty holding shield and staff at center. 1967 Peru
1994 Georgia
Purple on pale light green underprint. Watermark: Stars A) Lilac tinted paper: 124x61mm. 1961 Russia
Pale purple on multicolour underprint. 4.5 mmserial #. Watermark: Lozenges. 1991 Croatia
1972 United Kingdom
1964 Indonesia
Brown on yellow and multicolour underprint. A. Maldybayev at right and as watermark. String... 1994 Kyrgyzstan
Green on multicolour underprint. Shoppers at a store, arms at upper right. Logging elephants at... 1979 Laos
Purple and violet on multicolour underprint. Khristo G. Denov at left. Platen printing press at... 1992 Bulgaria
Maroon on pale maroon and pink underpint. Issued note 1990 Slovenia
NEW ISSUE 2007 Macedonia
Pale red and violet on mulitcolour underprint. Back similar to #17. 2000 Belarus
Deep red on multicolour unserprint. 1991 Croatia
Like #151 Red on multicolour umderprimt. Similar to #146. Seal under denomination instead of... 1974 Philippines
Like #4, 11 Violet and black on pink and gray underprint. St. Agnes of Bohemia at right and... 1997 Czech Republic
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